Windows 96 - One Hundred Mornings

Cover Image for Windows 96 - One Hundred Mornings

At first glance, Windows 96 appears as just another vaporwave bootleg that you might find on a YT vaporwave playlist. However, I have never been so pleasantly surprised by this unassuming retro synth pop album.

Many of the tracks are steeped in popular retro synthesizer motifs such as lengthy melodies, ambient interludes, etc. There are a few that bring to mind Boards of Canada and their iconic usage of the famous SH-101 bass synth for that bubbly hazy vibe. Another influence to enjoy would be Giorgio Morodor's early synthesizer tracks that impart a systematic vision of the tonal arrangements on the listener.

Some moments to be noted are the modal choral arrangements in Caligula. This really displays the real compositional talent of the producer as he winds and corkscrews through various keys and cadences. I personally think the track Abstract is a wormhole to my childhood. The drums are relatively bleak throughout the album, however, so don't expect to be brutalized by any programming.

Visions I and II are more of a exploration into neo-psychadelia and a funky sound vis-a-vis LA funk revivalists. All in all, the album is littered with tasteful retro moments and synth nerdery to a peak of soliloquy of compositional accomplishment. I will be listening to this for the foreseeable future.

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